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Folding manual wheelchair Quickie LX

The Quickie LX folding manual is a reliable wheelchair that meets a high strength lightweight classification.
The chair was used two weeks, then put in the closet.
This is a great starter for both the young and elderly.
The chair comes with Spoke wheels and quick release axels, not the bolt on Mag wheels pictured at Quickie’s LX model web page.
The quick release axels on my chair allow you to remove the wheels by just pushing a button and pulling the wheel off. This comes in handy when traveling. You can disassemble the chair and put it in the trunk of the car piece by piece, rather then lifting the whole chair. Or easily remove the wheel to change the inner tube in case of a flat. Wrenches are required to remove the bolt on wheels, making extra work. I just like the look of the spoke wheel versus the mag wheel.
24 inch wheels. Tire size 24 x 1 3/8
70 Degree Swing Away Footrest. Black chair parts.
For those who may have trouble going up an incline, the chair has Roll back prevention.
You flip them down to prevent the chair from freely rolling backward when on a incline (see photo). They’re easily removed if you see them unnecessary.
The Flip-back armrest have built in fabric guard to protect your cloths.

One of the aluminum hand rims has some surface scratches. The frame and footrest each have a small scratch that must have happened in storage.
The Left side arm rest release was also damaged, has been repaired with a screw and works fine (see photo).
Despite the minor cosmetic bruises, the wheelchair is in great shape.
I just didn’t want there to be any surprises.

- Other Information -
American made
Dark Purple Color
16" wide x 18" long Seating
70 Degree Swing Away Footrest
Anti-roll backs
Flip-back armrest
Quick Release Axels
Adjustable backrest height
Weight capacity 250 lbs.

- Chairs Weight -
Frame: 19 lbs
Rim/Tire: 4.5 lbs ea.
Footrest: 2 lbs ea.

- Contact Information -
Call or email me with any questions.
Phone # 402-573-6452
Omaha, NE

This is same model on sale from
Quickie changed the model name from LXI to LX, but it’s the same.

Thank you for looking!

before and after repair